“But why can’t we have white pride?”

Over the past few hundred years, people of color have had their cultures ripped away from them. Either forced to assimilate, or exploited for labor, or both. They weren’t even considered fully human til 1965 when they won the fight for the right to vote. People of color have historically frontlined the struggle for our civil rights, yet children are still raised hating themselves because they can’t possibly live up to white beauty standards. They are taught to hate their plump lips and wide hips, their muscles and voice, their hair that reaches straight to the root of God. They are pressured to internalize their rage for fear of being labeled a scary black person. They are to see white people as saviors for simply not openly expression xenophobia, even though they still face it every day in some form or another. They fear for their loved ones every time they leave the house because some defend the brutality and murder of their brothers and sisters because of the way they looked or sounded, and people condemn their neighborhoods without fully understanding what corruption is at work here.

To find pride in your existence when you’ve been subconsciously drilled your entire life to question any space you occupy is a feat of perseverance and solidarity. Many years and lives have been wasted wishing to be white, but the fact of the matter is being white doesn’t solve all your problems, so why not embrace your dark skin? Supremacy has nothing to do with it, just self-love and empowering your loved ones to become entrepreneurs for the community. On the other hand, when have white people ever not embraced their skin and the privileges it comes with? White people suffer under capitalist oppression as well, but white pride, is that supposed to grow solidarity? For who? Why? I’m done waiting for an answer that isn’t in defense of white supremacy or “European-decent” nationalism. White Pride is racist. If this concept is still confusing, perhaps you’ve some internalized racism you need to address as well. Have pride in your German heritage, your Swedish, Irish, Polish, Norse, Greek, all the “white” heritage you can claim. But what do white people have to be proud of that divides them from people of color? Why do they feel the need to essentially counter-protest the empowerment of people of color? That’s all it really comes down to. In order to heal our societal wounds, we actually have to listen to the people that are suffering. Black Pride grows inside people pursuing the Liberty in Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. It’s more than pride in your skintone or some sort of obscure fashion statement, it’s a declaration of resistance to the oppression in which we currently suffer under, and pride for one’s perseverance. What liberty is White Pride fighting for that severs their struggles from every other shade of person in the working class? What suffering of genetic and historic trauma are they still persevering? What oppressive entities are they trying to resist besides “white genocide” from mixing with those they claim to not hate, just think they’re better than?

In the end, you can have white pride. You can have pride in whatever the hell you want, no one can stop you. But if you’re arguing that your white pride doesn’t make you racist, I suggest you reflect a little on what your white pride really means to you.


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