On Community, Art, and Mercury Retrograde.

I don’t always give a lot of thought or validation to astrology, but apparently this Mercury Retrograde thing is falling into Capricorn which got me thinking back to this image of FKA Twigs.
As you could imagine, it got it’s flak for being “Satanic,” as people projected their inadequate understanding of Baphomet onto this goat figure, ignoring that it is also part fish representing Capricorn. In astrology, the 10th house ruled by Capricorn represents goals. Career goals, relationship goals, life goals. It also represents how you fit into your social surroundings. What is your purpose? What goals will you fulfill that better society?
Mercury retrogrades tend to be synonymous with, well, shitstorms from the bowls of Hell itself. But you know what? That shit doesn’t stop Twigs. People misunderstand her ALL THE TIME, and she’s expressing her little heart out trying to make sense of these chaotic times.
Whether or not you’re a believer of Astrology or just a fan of art, the cycle of life and death that we experience through the seasons affects us. Now is the time to kindle fires of healing, of open communication and understanding and community. Mercury may be screaming “halt everything” but we must persevere together and prepare for what’s coming.
And I know, it’s hypocritical for someone like me to preach setting aside differences and coming together, but ignorance will always be a divider, and it’s only human to become frustrated when people turn their back on your cries for their understanding. This is in no way some sort of “Love trumps Hate” rhetoric I’m trying to push. I try my damnedest to educate people when I can, and it takes a spiritual tole when it provides unfruitful. Obviously something needs to change on my part as well as any other, and I need to cut my losses and organize with what I have. One thing I admire about FKA Twigs is no matter how many people flood her comment section with racism and superficiality, she expresses nothing but love towards those people. Not spite, no condescending attitude. Just well wishes that someday you can see through her eyes, and feel the healing she radiates. We are all healers, it’s just a matter of focusing that potential, and from what I gather, now is the time. There are people already working to destroy art spaces under the guise of our safety, but we need art now more than ever. Give art to your community, CREATE art with your community TOGETHER. FKA Twigs held auditions for people in Baltimore for her 12 part show roughly based on Astrology. She collaborated with amazing artists on all levels, and created a space of unity in the face of an oppressed society. She made a space that said “You are valued here, you belong here.” Fascists wish to take that away from us, so now more than ever we need to build these communities for the benefit of all humanity. That’s what sets this apart from giving platform to fascists and white supremacists. Whether you want to be a part of the political turmoil in this country, it exists and any lack of stance is still a stance. Whether you wish to be a part of the war, there is a way against the people, you, us. So, to end with invoking one of my favorite outrageous artists, “Who wants to die for art?”
Come at me, Mercury Retrograde. fkatwigs

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