My Christmas Wish

All I want for Christmas is the rejection of a capitalist society that exploits the working class while at the same time telling them they’re too lazy while they work an average of ~47 hour weeks, that their job isn’t a valid career path to warrant a living wage.

Living hand to mouth with the constant fear of one fuck-up ruining your life is reality for most Americans. People are desperate for jobs. I remember when I moved to Austin from Boulder, I was blown away by my competition even in a simple waitress job. I went from a town made of mostly of privileged rich white kids who hold part time jobs for pocket money while their parents pay for school, housing, food… to Austin, a city currently under attack by “enlightened” gentrification, and now the “alt right” which believes pushing black and brown people already living in poverty out of their communities is the right thing to do for the nation.

Conservatives are always talking about bringing jobs back home, but never challenge one of the most exploited cornerstones of a community, food. If communities could come farm together, no one would be hungry. Everyone would learn a valuable skill that they can take with them wherever they go. It’s a necessity, but we’ve sold it overseas / over borders. Our food is so charged with chemicals and straight up poisons, and why? Convenience.

We as a society value money over food, over water, over human life. Stop perpetuating the false narrative that if you work hard enough to line the pockets of the bourgeoisie you’ll become bourgeoisie yourself.


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